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Data Science and Statistics
Jamir Mulla

In today’s world of globalisation, we can connect anywhere in the world effortlessly and that’s why transportation, communication, education, commerce etc. have become much easier. Also, digitalization has become crucial part of our lives, with the internet we can share our experiences, learn new things, and perform many tasks like paying bills, bookings of events, advertising. Also, we communicate with millions and millions users using various apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. By using

It is not easy for any single discipline to analyse it. Hence, this new discipline of Data Science draws from a number of fields like Statistics and Computer Science to automate the tasks like collection, formation, preparation, analysis, visualisation, management and preservation of large collection of Big Data. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field about scientific methods, processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms. In 2010, with the new abundance of data, it made possible for companies to make their product/service better with the date driven approach rather that knowledge driven approach. That’s why more than 70 % businesses in the world had already invested in Big Data. Even if the sector is growing rapidly, there is a shortage for skilled Data Scientists. Data scientists are the real problem solver/analysts for the company to improve its products/services. These are the professionals who identify the different patterns, notice the current trends in the industry, and make new discoveries with the relative data. Data Scientists are in huge demand all around the world. Reports states that the number of data scientists will reach more than 25 % by 2020.

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning has designed the Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Statistics program for the people who wish to expand their proficiency in Data Science. The program equips learner with all the conceptual and technical skills required for the ultimate position in the analytics industry. The course introduces business analytics using the most in-demand analytics technologies like R and Python and teaches implementation of various data science concepts such as data exploration, visualization, and hypothesis testing. Special focus has been placed on Machine Learning techniques used for regression, classification and clustering.

Why Symbiosis Distance Program in Data Science and Statistics?

Statistics is the foundation stone for any application of data science. The program designed by SCDL provides students with a strong conceptual knowledge of Statistics. It provides the core knowledge required for Data Science applications. It introduces students to real life problems and promotes the use of Data Science. Program equips learners with the skills of using appropriate statistical softwares. It provides a mix of concepts, tools and technical skills to make students competent to work in the field of data analytics.

USPs of the Program:

  • Students will learn from industry experts from the field of Data Analytics.
  • Textbooks/Reference material link will be given for self-study and students will be provided with class/lecture notes if required.
  • Media used for delivery of instruction for the course includes class/lecture notes, online material, face to face tutorials, face to face counselling, work books/Activity sheets, recorded archive lectures on website, Webinars or Workshops wherever necessary.

Career Opportunities:

PG Diploma in Data Science and Statistics through Symbiosis Distance Learning will enable the students to get suitable employment as Data Scientist, Data architects, Statistics Consultants and Project Managers.